Counting sheep or grinding teeth? Time for a custom night guard

Counting sheep or grinding teeth? Time for a custom night guard

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School is in full swing and days are getting shorter. Are you finding that your jaw hurts every morning? You may already be stressed for midterms and don’t need another distraction. Perhaps this has been happening for years but it’s only now that things seem to be getting worse. People often discover that they grind their teeth or create a tapping noise during sleep when a roommate or partner points it out. If you suffer from this affliction, come to Oxford Family Dental for custom night guards in Coquitlam.

While people typically grind their teeth at night, some may also grind their teeth in the day. No matter what the time, teeth grinding can start as a nuisance and grow into serious oral health care problem if left untreated. Our team is happy to schedule an appointment to create a custom night guard. First, an impression of your teeth will be taken. Then we place moldable material over the impression and let it set. Simple. Your custom night guard will be done. While you can purchase night guards elsewhere, a custom night guard ensures your comfort every night. For a good night’s sleep in Coquitlam, use custom night guards.


Contact the team at Oxford Family Dental to help you with this persistent issue. Don’t allow further damage to your teeth and jaw. Give both you and your partner the sleep that you deserve. If you’re crammed in a dorm with a roommate, there can be nothing more satisfying than a peaceful night’s sleep. Schedule an appointment with the team at Oxford Family Dental today.