Dental Health & Technology

We cater to patients of all ages, including young children, at Oxford Family Dental and we utilize the latest in advanced technology in our office, ensuring you the best our care can provide. If you’re looking for advanced dental services, our Port Coquitlam dental practice is the place to go! Not only do we provide basic services such as cleanings and fillings, we go that extra step to cater to your additional needs. We provide dental surgery, Invisalign®, Botox, and many other advanced techniques that you may require.

And your dental care doesn’t stop in the dentist’s chair. At our Port Coquitlam practice, we will suggest and recommend instructions for taking care of your mouth at home. Proper oral hygiene is of the utmost importance when caring for your teeth. On a daily basis you should be flossing, brushing, tongue scraping, and rinsing. Regular dental check-ups are also beneficial because they allow your dentist to verify that you’ve been maintaining your health properly.

Consult your Oxford Family Dental dentist for more information on dental hygiene.

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