Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening from your Port Coquitlam Cosmetic Dentist

At Oxford Family Dental, we offer different teeth whitening options to suit your needs. We have Zoom Whitening, bleach whitening, and surface whitening options available.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening is a great advancement in cosmetic dentistry because it provides instantaneous results. It can make your teeth eight shades lighter within after an hour’s treatment and provides almost all patients with noticeable results. This is the method of teeth whitening you want to use if you’re looking for fast and safe results. Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient in Zoom Whitening. It is applied to the teeth and an application light is then used to activate the whitening power of the peroxide. This will help remove teeth stains from coffee, tea, red wine, soda, tobacco, and more.

Bleach Whitening

Bleach whitening can be executed in a couple of different ways at our Port Coquitlam dental practice. A bleach can be placed on your teeth and activated with light or heat to whiten the teeth (similar to Zoom whitening), it can be placed in a custom mouth tray and worn for a number of minutes per day until the desired outlook is complete, or it can be applied to your teeth similar to the way toothpaste is, with a brush and a special bleach mixture. Whatever way bleach is applied, the results will be an improvement on stained teeth and can remove any unsightly stains that you’d like to get rid of.

Surface Whitening

Most surface whitening products are specially created toothpastes or chewing gums. these are available for getting rid of minor stains and will be prescribed by your dentist accordingly. Prior to having any teeth whitening done, consult with your Port Coquitlam dentist at Oxford Family Dental so that you can both come up with the best solutions for your oral health and appearance.

For more information about the teeth whitening treatments offered or to arrange your appointment at our Port Coquitlam dental practice, please call (604) 942-1006 or contact us online!

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