Mercury-Free (Composite) Fillings

Mercury-Free (Composite) Fillings from your Port Coquitlam General Dentist

At Oxford Family Dental, your Port Coquitlam dental practice, we’re happy to offer mercury-free (composite) fillings to all of our patients.

Oxford Family Dental is proud to offer composite fillings as an option to all of our patients. They are tooth-coloured and unnoticeable after they’ve been put in. All of our mercury-free filling procedures are performed in-office, in one sitting. Composite fillings offer a wonderful alternative to metal fillings because they match your natural teeth colour, they can be used on the front or back teeth, and they provide good durability and resistance to the everyday uses of your teeth. These procedures have very little complication or pain associated with them and will typically require only light freezing.

For more information about the mercury-free (Composite) fillings offered or to arrange your appointment at our Port Coquitlam dental practice, please call (604) 942-1006 or contact us online!

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