Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screening from your Port Coquitlam Dental Practice

The Intraoral Camera is an advanced technology tool that we use at our Port Coquitlam dental practice, that benefits both dentists and patients. It is approximately the size of a pen and takes pictures of the interior of your mouth. It is completely sanitary as it is fitted with a sterilized disposable cover for every use.

At Oxford Family Dental, we use VELscope technology. Our dentists and staff appreciate this camera as a great tool because it can zoom the inside of teeth up to forty times their original size on a full colour display. This provides increased clarity to view any trouble or affected areas of concern inside a patient’s mouth and also allows for easier diagnoses of hard-to-spot tooth or gum decay, among other issues.

The VELscope intraoral device is utilized in any routine dental checkup appointment and takes as little as two minutes. This quick exam can be extremely beneficial to your oral health and allows our Port Coquitlam dental team the opportunity to confirm your mouth is in great health, or to catch the early signs of any issues. After all, early diagnosis can lead to improved oral health and any diseases are best caught in their beginning stages.

Our intraoral camera uses a harmless, blue-spectrum light to highlight any areas of concern within your mouth and throat. Any diseases or issues will appear with the help of this light, as they interrupt the normal patterns that make up a healthy mouth.

From the patient’s viewpoint, the VELscope intraoral camera is valuable for its educational properties. It allows for dentist/patient communication because of its interactive properties. With the use of the display screen, dentists can now pinpoint exactly where patients need to be focusing their attention when working on their oral health.

An added benefit of the intraoral camera is that it can take pictures of your teeth and gums, making documentation very simplified and well-organized for future visits and references at your Port Coquitlam dental practice.

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