Botox from your Port Coquitlam Dental Practice

Botox is commonly used to cosmetically enhance a person’s facial features, but can also be used for dental treatments as well. It is a prescribed treatment that we proudly offer at Port Coquitlam dental practice, Oxford Family Dental.

If you suffer from teeth grinding or clenching, TMJ, or migraines brought on from dental issues, among other issues, Botox may be a recommended route for you. Our Port Coquitlam dental practice staff are highly skilled individuals who are trained in the administering of Botox. It is a great alternative to traditional dental treatments such as splints or night guards.

Next time you’re in for a dental check-up, speak to your Port Coquitlam dentist about having Botox administered as a treatment for your oral health.

For more information about the Botox treatments offered or to arrange your appointment at our Port Coquitlam dental practice, please call (604) 942-1006 or contact us online!

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