The Real Cost of a Cavity. Thinking about all the different types of Halloween candy? As any tooth expert at Oxford Family Dental will tell you, you’re getting more than a dose of sugar when you bite into a Mars bars or enjoy a sip of Dr. Pepper. In fact, you’re getting very close to a cavity. How? Bacteria in your mouth turn the sugar into acid which eats away at your enamel (your all-natural anti-cavity barrier) and causes cavities to form.

The good news is that brushing your teeth can fight off the effects of a sugar-heavy snack, but if you’re nowhere near a toothbrush, you might want to put down the bad snack and consider these healthy alternatives: fresh fruits and raw vegetables, low or non-fat milk and cheese, and cold-cuts sandwiches (use rye bread for an extra health kick).

If you have any questions or for more tips on preventing tooth decay, call or drop by Oxford Family Dental in Port Coquitlam. We’re always happy to help!

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