What do you look for in a Coquitlam dentist? Coquitlam is a growing community filled with amazing people and places. Whether you’re new to the community or just looking for a change, choosing a dentist can be daunting. Oxford Family Dental has been proudly serving Coquitlam for years and strives to provide impeccable dental care to both new and existing patients.

We are humbled by what the people of Coquitlam have to say about us. Listen to some of our favourite testimonials:

“I am impressed with Dr. Chahal’s ability, his people skills and his dedication. He is approachable and an excellent listener. If you are upset, he comforts you. Personally, he has replaced old fillings, 2 crowns and has completed some dental cosmetic work. As he works, he asks how you are doing and let’s you know when it is very important to be still. Before he begins he takes the opportunity to educate you on your teeth and explains the procedure he will follow. He has phoned me in the evening to check on my status following a challenging session. When he gives me the freezing shot, I barely observe the needle prior to the shot and do not feel the needle break my skin. If you have any apprehension about dentists, give Dr. Chahal a chance. He has your best interest at heart.”

“My Wife, son, and I have been Dr. Chahal’s patients for at least 5 years and I would say that he is the best dentist we have had. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed when visiting him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist.”

We love our community and strive to provide the best dental care possible. We welcome all feedback and hope to be the first name that comes to mind when searching for a Coquitlam dentist. Contact Oxford Family Dental today to find out what services can best meet your individual needs. Call 604-942-1006 today to schedule an appointment.

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