The possible reasons for a tooth to get chipped or cracked can be:

  • Dental cavities which can weaken the teeth
  • Biting down on something hard
  • Trauma to the face or mouth, playing sports or due to an accident
  • Excessive teeth clenching, or night grinding (bruxism) can cause a tooth to chip off.

Whether you get your front teeth or a back molar chipped, it is important to address the problem right away and explore your treatment options. Visiting an experienced dentist can help you to find the best solution for you and get to know more about your treatment options.

Port Coquitlam dentist Dr. Chahal and our team at Oxford Family Dental offer detailed solutions for patients with chipped teeth. We validate your needs and build a customized treatment plan for you. If you are seeking treatment for a chipped tooth in Port Coquitlam, visit our trusted team at Oxford Family Dental.

What should I do to address a chipped tooth? 

If you have chipped a tooth, don’t panic. With the help of an experienced dentist, you can restore the balance of function and aesthetics to your smile in no time. Try to follow these key steps when addressing chipped or cracked tooth

  • Contact your dentist to schedule an appointment
  • Avoid very hot and cold foods and beverages to avoid tooth sensitivity & pain.
  • Avoid chewing from or near the chipped tooth or area of damage
  • Use a cold compress if swelling ensues 

Treatment Options For Chipped Teeth

Depending on the size and depth of the damage, there are different treatment options available.

In some cases, the sharp portion of a chipped tooth may only need to be smoothed out to create a more even surface. In other cases, your dentist may recommend an additive dental procedure to replace the broken portion of the tooth.

Here are a few of the most common solutions for chipped teeth:

Tooth Bonding: A cracked tooth can sometimes be repaired with bonding, where tooth-coloured resin is used to repair, rebuild and reshape the tooth.

Tooth Splint: If a tooth becomes loose or gets displaced, your dentist can bond the cracked tooth to its adjacent tooth that helps to keep it stable while the surrounding bone and gum tissue heals.

Porcelain Veneers: Veneers are sometimes recommended in cases of extensive damage. Dental veneers are composite or porcelain shells, as thin as a contact lens, and are cemented to the front and sides of the teeth, to improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Root Canal: If the crack has reached the tooth pulp, a root canal is required to remove the inflamed pulp, followed by root filling and restoration.

Dental Crowns: A dental crown acts as a cap that covers a chipped or damaged tooth that can be used to address large areas of damage. With newer available materials for fabricating crowns, they blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Find Treatment For A Chipped Tooth In Port Coquitlam

To learn more about your treatment options for chipped teeth, contact our trusted team at Oxford Family Dental.

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